The +client.js file adds client-side JavaScript. The code of +client.js is executed only once at the very beginning when the user goes to your website.

It's usually used for initializing the client-side code of error tracking, user tracking, cookie consent, CSS frameworks, etc.

// /pages/+client.js
// Environment: client
console.log("I'm the first line of client-side JavaScript.")

In production, it's the first JavaScript code to be executed.

In development, it's also first but only after Vite's HMR code. (In development, Vite's HMR preamble code needs to be run first. In production, the HMR preamble code isn't injected.)

The code of +client.js isn't re-executed upon client-side navigation. For executing code upon the lifecycle of page rendering, see following hooks instead:

If you don't use a UI framework Vike extension vike-react/vike-vue/vike-solid, then also see onRenderClient() hook.


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