onPageTransitionEnd() hook

The onPageTransitionEnd() hook, together with onPageTransitionStart(), enables you to implement page transition animations.

// /pages/+onPageTransitionEnd.js
// Environment: browser
export { onPageTransitionEnd }
// Create custom page transition animations
async function onPageTransitionEnd(pageContext) {
  console.log('Page transition end')
  console.log('Is backwards navigation?', pageContext.isBackwardNavigation)


// /pages/+onPageTransitionEnd.ts
// Environment: browser
export { onPageTransitionEnd }
import type { OnPageTransitionEndAsync } from 'vike/types'
const onPageTransitionEnd: OnPageTransitionEndAsync = async (
): ReturnType<OnPageTransitionEndAsync> => {
  // ...

Don't omit ReturnType<OnPageTransitionEndAsync> (don't write const onPageTransitionEnd: OnPageTransitionEndAsync = async (pageContext) => {), otherwise TypeScript won't strictly check the return type for unknown extra properties: see this TypeScript playground and issue.

See API > pageContext > Typescript for more information on how to extend pageContext with your own extra properties.

Without Vike extension

If you don't use a UI framework Vike extension (vike-react/vike-vue/vike-solid), then make sure to use Client Routing: the onPageTransitionEnd() hook requires it (it's executed upon client-side navigation).

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