Vike extension VS custom integration

With Vike, you have the choice between:

  • Using Vike extensions, for a quick start.
  • Implementing your own custom integrations, for full control over integrating your favorite tools.

In general, we recommend always using Vike extensions and falling back to a custom integration only if you have a clear reason to do so.

Vike extensions are highly polished integrations. But they're also slightly opinionated and may not fit what you need.

For example:

  • Start using Vike with vike-react/vike-vue/vike-solid.
  • If you run into a blocker because of vike-{react,vue,solid}, then create an issue/discussion at the GitHub repository of vike-{react,vue,solid}.
  • If a maintainer of vike-{react,vue,solid} replies that resolving your blocker is out-of-scope, then start considering a custom integration.

You can also eject a Vike extension, for progressively moving from the ejected implemention of the Vike extension towards a custom integration. See Optional Control.

That said, many large companies need bespoke integrations, and opting out of Vike extensions can be a sensible choice. If that's your case, then chances are you already have a clear reason for wanting a custom integration.

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