onBeforeRoute() hook

The onBeforeRoute() hook provides full control over routing.

It is usually used for internationalization:

export { onBeforeRoute }
function onBeforeRoute(pageContext) {
  const { urlWithoutLocale, locale } = extractLocale(pageContext.urlPathname)
  return {
    pageContext: {
      urlLogical: urlWithoutLocale

We can also use it to implement a custom router.

For use cases other than i18n, open a GitHub ticket or reach out on Discord: onBeforeRoute() is purposely limited but the limitations can be lifted in order to unlock new capabilities.



export { onBeforeRoute }
import type { OnBeforeRouteSync } from 'vike/types'
const onBeforeRoute: OnBeforeRouteSync = (pageContext): ReturnType<OnBeforeRouteSync> => {
  // ...

Don't omit ReturnType<OnBeforeRouteSync> (don't write const onBeforeRoute: OnBeforeRouteSync = (pageContext) => {), otherwise TypeScript won't strictly check the return type for unknown extra properties: see this TypeScript playground and issue.

See API > pageContext > Typescript for more information on how to extend pageContext with your own extra properties.