Vue Router


While it's possible to use Vike with Vue Router we recommend against it: Vike's built-in router has many features that Vue Router doesn't (and cannot) offer.

That said, if you have an existing app using Vue Router that you want to migrate to Vike, then it can makes sense to start using Vike with Vue Router. After your migration is done you can later/progressively migrate from Vue Router to Vike's built-in router.

Vike's router aims to be as feature-rich as Vue Router: if you need a Vue Router feature that is missing then create a new feature request.

We believe routing should be completely owned by the frontend framework. Trying to seperate concerns in that regard leads to inherent DX degradations.

Example of using Vike with Vue Router (shallow integration without using onBeforeRoute()):

Contribution welcome to explore deep integration using onBeforeRoute().