Windi CSS

To use Vike with Windi CSS:

  1. Install:

    npm install vite-plugin-windicss windicss
  2. Add vite-plugin-windicss to vite.config.js:

    // vite.config.js
    import vike from 'vike/plugin'
    import WindiCSS from 'vite-plugin-windicss'
    export default {
      plugins: [
          scan: {
            // By default, only `src/` is scanned
            dirs: ["pages"],
            // We only have to specify the file extensions we actually use.
            fileExtensions: ["vue", "js", "ts", "jsx", "tsx"]
    Make sure that all your files are included in scan.dirs.

    These options can also be defined in windi.config.js.

  3. Import virtual:windi.css in +onRenderClient.js.

    // renderer/+onRenderClient.js
    import 'virtual:windi.css'
    // ...

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Example of using Vike with Windi CSS: